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Lets Go Solar not only provides great renewable energy solutions, we also pride ourselves on our high-quality installation and maintenance services.

Residential Systems

Solar panels produce electricity by harnessing the sunlight with photovoltaic (PV) cells

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Adding battery storage to your solar PV system, allows you to maximise your system.

Commercial Systems

Installing solar PV on commercial roofs has a myriad of economic benefits.

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How Solar Energy is Changing the World

Solar energy is clean and renewable, producing electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or pollutants.

Let's Go Solar is an end-to-end, customer-oriented alternative energy company that brings you cutting-edge solar energy solutions.
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NIC approved electricians and fully qualified roofing experts.

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High quality German engineered panels.

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Solar solutions, with or without batteries.

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Yohan Fernando
Yohan Fernando
Let’s Go Solar truly saved the day! In a moment of crisis, they came through with spare equipment that we desperately needed. Their swift response and willingness to go above and beyond left us incredibly impressed. The staff was not only friendly but also highly professional, guiding us through the process with expertise and care. We’re immensely grateful for their exceptional service and wholeheartedly recommend Let’s Go Solar to anyone in need. Thank you
Rob Garrett
Rob Garrett
We had an excellent experience with Let's Go Solar. I can't recommend them highly enough. Everyone on the project - Imran, Kamal, the electricians etc - impressed me with the quality of their work, their honesty and the care they gave me. We have a 4.2kW system with optimisers and a 9.6kW battery storage. Ours isn't the easiest house to accommodate but the end result is fantastic. We're already considering expanding the system and without a doubt we'll engage them again. They stood out from the start for being both knowledgeable and willing to work with me. They put forward a realistic & thorough proposal right off the bat. They didn't try to upsell me or give wildly optimistic financial projections. The initial install date was delayed a few months due to events outside our control yet Imran was genuinely disappointed and kind enough to provide compensation by adding the optimisers for free. Let's Go Solar have been really attentive throughout and took a genuine care in giving me the best experience. Imran's been wonderfully communicative throughout install, and has been in touch a few times since then to make sure everything's been going well. There were a few follow-up tasks and he ensured they were completed to my satisfaction, and when I had questions about the system he was quick to answer them.
Dave Ash
Dave Ash
Had my doubts after being let down by another company but these guys were brilliant. Let's Go Solar Ltd, are a small company so you get the personal touch, they go out of there way to help you and provide a top quality installation at competitive prices. I recently need their support in enhancing my Solar Panel System and they have gone out of their way to help.
Wayne Helme
Wayne Helme
We had our solar installation fitted Oct 2023. The communication and customer service is excellent. There was no pressure selling at all, quite the opposite. We had very in depth discussions explaining the technologies so we could make an educated decision on what we wanted. The price given was extremely good and installation was done as promised. Most importantly for me, the team left everything tidy afterwards. The operation of the system was explained and it has worked fantastic since. Extremely pleased with the whole process and would recommend Lets Go Solar to anyone
Ross Lilley
Ross Lilley
We cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Communication, service and workmanship has been exceptional throughout and they made the whole process so straightforward. Imran and Kamal are professional, knowledgeable and friendly and it was a pleasure to work with them on our installation.
Chris Barton
Chris Barton
Let's Go Solar Ltd was highly recommended to us by a friend and I am so pleased that we took this advice. We had originally contracted another company to install a solar system but from the start had nothing but problems until eventually they went bankrupt leaving us with an incomplete installation. From the first meeting with Imran and Kamal they gave us confidence by their knowledge and commitment that the schedule of work they provided would be completed in the timescale and at a reasonable cost. All questions we asked were responded to at the time or quickly advised in writing. As soon as the work was started they discovered that the previous contractors had made errors when installing the electrical wiring which was a fire hazard so required a new run of higher spec wiring through the house and into the garage where most of the equipment (including batteries) is now positioned. We were kept advised of reach stage of work progress and the equipment was neatly installed and completed as per schedule. We would like to record a big thank you to Imran and Kamal for a great job well done.
Chris Thomas (miltoncontact)
Chris Thomas (miltoncontact)
We had solar panels and batteries installed after choosing Cambridge's Let's Go Solar Ltd from a selection of three as they impressed not only with a cost effective honest advice and quote, but with their positive, client centric attitude. It has been a pleasure dealing with a local company who put their customers first. Once the week for the installation had been set, everything sprang into motion. (We were lucky that this was after the first winter storms!) The scaffolding was raised first and then followed a couple of days later by the panel installers. Electricians followed and the installation was up and running by the following Monday afternoon. It was not just Let's Go Solar that impressed, it was their subcontractors (scaffolding and electrics) too. Again local companies where you felt in safe hands. If you are thinking "Lets go solar" for your own property, based on our experience, you can't go wrong with the Cambridge company of the same name.
Jamie Howard
Jamie Howard
From the very first email, Imran, Kamal and their team were amazing. We had an idea of what we wanted to achieve from the project, and they were able to answer all of our questions - they really know their industry! Their level of professionalism and customer service was incredible; they were always responsive, great communication and two of the loveliest guys you could meet. They care deeply about their business and doing a great job, nothing is ever too much trouble. The work was completed exactly on schedule and we are delighted with the results! We have no reservations about recommending Lets Go Solar - and are already planning on expanding the system further down the line!
Thomas Cox
Thomas Cox
Outstanding at every part of the process. Really professional and helpful, answered every query we had. Dealt with my random requirements changes (they're a far better supplier than I am a client), worked around our holiday dates. Honestly 5* service all the way throughout.
Geoffrey Smith
Geoffrey Smith
Firstly Imran and Kamal are two of the nicest guys you could hope to meet and their expertise and knowledge of solar installations is second to none. They run their own company and provide an excellent service with nothing being too much trouble and will do everything to ensure their work and quality of the installation is exceptional. They have just installed 16 panels, batteries, converter and Eddi system for us and we have been extremely pleased with the work and results. Their after care and ongoing support is very reassuring and being a small local company they are accessible and easily contactable. We highly recommend them.
Our Most Popular Systems

Here at Let’s Go Solar Ltd, we design each system to individual customer needs, there is no one size fits all system as each household is different and people have different energy needs. Below are 3 typical systems that we install most often. There are many different additional extras such as, additional battery storage sizes, an EV Car Charger, an Eddi Diverter, Tigo Power Optimisers and bird protection. These extras can be added or taken away as required.


This is a basic package that would be perfect for a small domestic property with 1/2 occupants that are home most days with a low annual electricity consumption.

  • 10 X Jinko 425W Ntype (all black) solar panels

  • 1 x Solis 3.6kW String Inverter With Wi-Fi Monitoring System

  • All Roof Mounting Kit

  • Scaffolding

  • Bird Protection

  • Installation Testing & Commissioning, All MCS Paperwork


This system is an ideal choice for families of 3/4 that are out most of the day with a medium/high electricity consumption. Battery storage allows you to store any surplus electricity generated.

  • 14 X Jinko 425W Ntype (all black) solar panels

  • 1 x GivEnergy 5kW Hybrid Inverter With WiFi Monitoring system

  • 1 x GivEnergy 5.2kW Battey Storage

  • All Roof Mounting Kit

  • Scaffolding

  • Bird Protection

  • Installation Testing & Commissioning, All MCS Paperwork


This system would be perfect for a large family with a high electrical consumption. This system would keep the whole home supplied with power from the battery to keep you running in a power cut!

  • 14 X Jinko 425W Ntype (all black) solar panels

  • 14 x Tigo Power Optimisers (These allow for individual panel level monitoring)

  • 1 x Solis 5kW String Inverter

  • 1 x GivEnergy All in One/Tesla Powerwall (both 13.5kW battery storage) with WiFi Monitoring system

  • 1 x Myenergi Zappi 7kW EV Charger

  • 1 x Myenergi Eddi Diverter to heat hotwater with solar generation.

  • Bird Protection

  • All Roof Mounting Kit

  • Installation Testing & Commissioning, All MCS Paperwork

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Lets Go Solar

Solar panels are a perfect reliable source of additional power and energy for your home or business.

Solar Panels Northampton | Northamptonshire

Solar Panel Installation Solutions in Northampton

Northamptonshire is increasingly embracing renewable energy, and solar panels have become a significant focus for homeowners and businesses alike seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity costs. The demand for professional panel installation services is on the rise, and as Northampton transforms its energy consumption patterns, it’s essential to choose a service provider that offers reliable and efficient solar panel solutions. Solar panel installation is a task that needs expertise and precision to ensure optimal performance and sustainability.

At Lets Go Solar, our team of skilled technicians specializes in both the installation of solar panels and providing tailored solutions that meet individual energy requirements. Our solar panels are sourced from top manufacturers, ensuring that each installation is of the highest quality. With each solar panel expertly positioned to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, Northampton residents can rest assured that they are making the most out of their investment. Furthermore, our process is not only about the installation; we take great care in planning and designing systems that complement the unique attributes of each property in Northampton.

The process of panel installation is meticulous and requires a keen understanding of the local climate and architecture. Our team is detail-oriented, ensuring that every solar panel is not only installed correctly but also seamlessly integrated into the building’s design. Whether it’s a residential home or a large commercial complex, we have the expertise to manage installations of all sizes in Northamptonshire.

At Lets Go Solar, we believe in going beyond the standard solar panel installation. Our post-installation services in Northampton ensure that your solar panel system continues to operate efficiently over time. Regular maintenance and monitoring are part of our commitment to provide an enduring and beneficial solar solution.

Investing in solar panel solutions is a smart move for the environmentally conscious individual or business in Northampton. Not only does it contribute to a greener community, but it also offers the potential for significant savings on utility bills. Our solar panel installation process is transparent and handled with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that your journey toward sustainable energy is smooth and rewarding. With Lets Go Solar, you can be confident that your solar needs in Northamptonshire are in knowledgeable and capable hands.

Discover Energy Solutions with Solar PV Panels Northampton

In the heart of England, Northamptonshire is becoming a beacon for clean energy, with solar panels leading the charge. A particularly effective form of renewable power, solar PV, or photovoltaic, technology converts sunlight directly into electricity, offering a sustainable energy solution for homes and businesses alike. The appeal of harnessing solar energy in Northampton is on the rise, as individuals seek to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace eco-friendly living.

Lets Go Solar’s approach to panel installation in the Northampton area integrates cutting-edge technology and expertise. As residents of Northampton and the wider Northamptonshire region seek to leverage solar energy, our focus remains on delivering not just solar panels, but comprehensive solar panel solutions designed to meet the unique energy needs of each customer. Whether it’s a small residential setup or a large-scale commercial project, solar PV panels offer a path to energy independence and substantial savings on energy bills.

The advantages of investing in solar panel installation extend beyond immediate energy cost reductions. As an energy source, solar power is inexhaustible, unlike traditional fossil fuels. By choosing solar panels, Northampton homeowners play a pivotal role in the wider adoption of renewable energy solutions, contributing to a greener future for Northamptonshire and beyond. The proliferation of panels across rooftops is a testament to the growing recognition of solar as a pivotal element in the portfolio of energy solutions for sustainable living.

Solar PV panels not only offer a clean energy solution but also present a savvy financial investment, as they can significantly increase property values. The expertise of Lets Go Solar in panel installation and solar PV solutions means that every installation is optimized for efficiency, tailored to the unique contours and conditions of Northamptonshire rooftops. Our commitment to quality ensures that each set of solar panels operates at peak performance, turning the abundant sunlight into a reliable and cost-effective source of energy.

In conclusion, Northamptonshire’s journey towards cleaner energy is well underway, with solar panel installations lighting the way. Lets Go Solar’s dedication to delivering top-tier solar panel solutions supports the region’s transition to a more sustainable energy paradigm. As more panels adorn the rooftops of Northampton, we witness an energy revolution, capturing the power of the sun to fuel our lives. It’s time for Northampton residents to explore the transformative potential of solar energy solutions and navigate the path to a brighter, greener future with confidence.

Northampton’s Leading Solar Energy Experts for Your Home

Embracing solar energy in Northampton is an enlightened choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner looking to tap into the bountiful solar resources of Northamptonshire. Our company, Lets Go Solar, stands at the forefront as leading experts, bringing bespoke solar panel solutions right to your doorstep. The installation of solar panels, a cornerstone of green energy solutions, is not just a trend but has become a vital energy source, propelling Northampton towards a sustainable future. Northampton’s landscape, blessed with ample sunlight, presents the perfect opportunity for harnessing solar energy through expertly installed panels. Lets Go Solar’s panels translate the sun’s rays into a dependable stream of energy, ensuring your home benefits from a clean, renewable power supply.

Solar panels from Lets Go Solar integrate the latest technology, marrying efficiency with aesthetics to seamlessly fit into the fabric of Northampton homes. Our solar panel installations are designed to be unobtrusive and efficient, showcasing the potential of solar power to act as a primary or supplementary source of energy. The adoption of solar panel systems does not merely reflect a commitment to energy conservation but also represents a wise investment in the energy solutions of tomorrow.

As seasoned providers of energy solutions in Northamptonshire, Lets Go Solar’s team of solar energy professionals is well-versed in the nuances of solar panel installations. By selecting our leading experts, you ensure your home’s transition to solar energy is smooth, cost-effective, and tailor-made for your specific needs. The solar panels we install stand as testaments to our commitment towards excellence, adding not only to the energy efficiency of Northampton homes but also contributing to the wider goal of energy sustainability.

Solar energy captured by our panels provides an uninterrupted power source that far exceeds the capabilities of traditional energy solutions. Each solar panel installed acts as a building block in Northampton’s energy infrastructure, illustrating our dedication to providing renewable energy solutions that benefit our clients and the planet alike. Our solar panel configurations are versatile, scalable, and ready to meet the diverse demands of the energy-savvy residents of Northamptonshire.

Lets Go Solar remains a beacon of innovation in Northampton, as we continuously strive to push the envelope in solar energy technology. When you choose Lets Go Solar for your solar panel needs, you’re not just choosing leading experts; you’re aligning with Northampton’s premier provider of cutting-edge, sustainable energy solutions. Make the intelligent switch to solar with confidence, knowing that our panels will serve as a cornerstone to your home’s energy independence. Let’s harness Northampton’s sunshine together, with Lets Go Solar guiding you every step of the way.

Solar Panels Northamptonshire: Harnessing Solar Power Efficiently

Across the tranquil landscapes of Northamptonshire, the surge for renewable energy has found a sustainable ally in solar power. With Lets Go Solar, panel installation transcends beyond a mere transaction; it embodies acommitment to efficiency and a cleaner future. Our solar panels, curated with cutting-edge technology, magnify the benefits of solar energy, making solar panels not just an option, but a quintessential component of modern living in Northampton. The meticulous solar panel installation process conducted by our seasoned experts ensures that each homeowner can revel in the reliability and economic benefits of a personalized energy solution.

At Lets Go Solar, every solar panel is a testament to our pursuit of excellence and sustainability. Understanding the dynamism of solar power, our installations embrace the unique contours and weather patterns of Northamptonshire to maximize efficiency. The panel installation journey, crafted by Lets Go Solar, is pivotal in transforming rooftops into powerhouses of clean energy. Reiterating the prowess of our installation services, we stand at the vanguard of energy innovation in Northampton, fusing aesthetic elegance with powerful functionality.

Our solar panels, synonymous with durability and performance, are the cornerstones of Lets Go Solar’s commitment to renewable energy. The panel’s unparalleled efficiency serves as the conduit between the sun’s untapped potential and your daily energy consumption. The installation of these panels not only safeguards the environment but also cuts down on your energy bills significantly. This synergy of energy efficiency and cost-saving is the hallmark of choosing Lets Go Solar for your solar panel needs in Northampton.

Lets Go Solar’s expertise in panel installation affirms our position as leading proponents of solar energy in Northamptonshire. Each panel encapsulates a blend of technological innovation and environmental stewardship. Through the strategic installation of our solar panels, we harness solar power to furnish homes and businesses with a reliable, inexhaustible source of energy. The efficiency of our panels, when installed precisely, can transform the sun’s radiant energy into sustainable power that is both green and budget-friendly.

In conclusion, Lets Go Solar epitomizes the future of energy in Northampton. Our proficiency in solar panel installation, combined with an in-depth understanding of solar power, sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency. Harnessing solar power in Northamptonshire not only reflects a responsible environmental choice but also exemplifies a smart financial investment. With Lets Go Solar’s panels, the transition to a sustainable energy future is not a distant dream, but an accessible reality for the residents of Northamptonshire.

Transform Your Property with Solar Panel Installation Northamptonshire

Embracing renewable energy has never been more crucial, and with Lets Go Solar’s expertise in solar panel installation in Northamptonshire, transforming your property into a bastion of sustainability is within reach. Our team, renowned for a meticulous approach to solar panel installation, is at the forefront of tailoring solar solutions that resonate with your energy aspirations. In Northampton, solar panels are not just about adopting new technology; it’s about making a profound choice towards energy independence and efficiency. Drawing from years of experience, we have honed our skills to ensure that each panel installation is synonymous with quality and reliability.

Whether you’re considering solar panels for a residential property or seeking a robust solution for a commercial establishment, Lets Go Solar provides top-tier solar panels imbued with the latest technology. Northamptonshire is witnessing a property transformation era, enabled by the uptake of solar energy solutions that promise long-term savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Our specialized solar panel solutions cater to this growing demand, offering you a seamless transition to solar energy in Northampton.

A well-executed installation is the bedrock of a high-performing solar energy system. In Northamptonshire, we pride ourselves on our precision-driven installation process, ensuring that each solar panel is optimally placed to harness the sun’s power efficiently. Our solar energy experts in Northampton are passionate about delivering installations that merge aesthetically with your property’s design while maximizing energy output. This dedication has established us as Northampton’s leading authorities on solar energy solutions, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

The journey towards a sustainable future is underpinned by solutions that bridge the gap between eco-consciousness and practicality. Solar PV panels are a cornerstone of this vision, and in Northampton, we are at the helm of integrating these sustainable solutions into the fabric of daily life. Lets Go Solar’s panel solutions are designed to empower homeowners and businesses alike, enabling them to tap into the wealth of solar energy with minimal disruption to their property. Northamptonshire’s solar panel landscape is better for it, fostering a community that’s energized by the sun and committed to a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

By choosing Lets Go Solar, you’re not just opting for solar panels or an installation; you’re investing in a future-proof energy solution that brings tangible benefits to both your wallet and the world. The panels we provide are more than components; they are keys to unlocking an era of energy autonomy and eco-friendly living in Northamptonshire. No longer just a vision, property transformation through solar energy is a reality with Lets Go Solar, where every solution is a step towards a brighter, cleaner future.

To conclude, when considering solar panel installation in Northampton, the reality is unambiguous: Lets Go Solar presents a compelling proposition for harnessing clean energy. Our tailored solar panel solutions empower Northamptonshire residents and businesses to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, embrace renewable energy, and achieve long-term cost savings. Trust in Lets Go Solar to illuminate your journey towards sustainability with unparalleled expertise, quality service, and a commitment to a brighter, greener future.

Northampton, a town in the East Midlands of England, is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and beautiful landscapes. While the “top” attractions can vary depending on personal interests and seasonal events, here are five notable sites and attractions in and around Northampton that are popular with visitors:

  1. Northampton Museum and Art Gallery – Known for having the world’s largest collection of shoes, the museum also offers a wide range of art and historical exhibits. It provides insights into the town’s history and its once-thriving shoe manufacturing industry, along with temporary exhibitions on various themes.

  2. 78 Derngate – This is a must-visit for architecture and design enthusiasts. It is the only house in England designed by the famous Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The house has been meticulously restored and is open to the public, offering a glimpse into early 20th-century design and Mackintosh’s innovative style.

  3. Althorp Estate – Situated just outside Northampton, Althorp Estate is the ancestral home of the Spencer family, where Princess Diana spent her childhood. The estate is open to the public during the summer months, offering visitors the chance to explore the beautiful house, grounds, and the exhibition dedicated to the life of Princess Diana.

  4. Delapré Abbey – With over 900 years of history, Delapré Abbey is one of Northampton’s most significant heritage sites. The Abbey offers beautiful gardens, a café, and a range of events throughout the year. It’s a great place to learn about the history of the area, enjoy a peaceful walk, or participate in one of the many workshops and activities offered.

  5. The Guildhall – An architectural masterpiece in the heart of Northampton, The Guildhall is known for its stunning Gothic architecture. While it is a working building, parts of it are open to the public at certain times. The building’s façade and interiors are adorned with intricate stonework and stained glass, making it a photographer’s delight.

These attractions offer a mix of cultural, historical, and architectural experiences that highlight the diversity and richness of Northampton. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or the outdoors, Northampton has something to offer.