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How To Balance Your Energy!

Solar panels produce electricity by harnessing the sunlight with photovoltaic (PV) cells. The sunlight is converted into direct current (DC). This energy is then converted by the inverter into alternating current (AC) energy.

Now that this energy has been converted it can now be used to power the home and run any electrical appliances. Any electricity that left over can either be stored into batteries or sent back to the national grid. All of this from the power of the sun!

Save Money On Your Bills. Zero VAT on Solar Installation!!

With energy costs soaring, installing solar will save you money and protect you against future increases. in an ever changing world the use case has never been so clear. The Government have now reduced the VAT on installing solar to Zero. Now is the time to go solar!

Optimise Your Solar Panels With Tigo Power Optimisers.

Make the most out of your solar installation by optimising individual panels, This state of the art optimiser from Tigo works with any panel and almost any inverter. You can use as little as one optimiser on a system – ideal if you have a small number of shaded panels or a few panels on another orientation. Only those panels that are shaded, or those on a separate roof, need to be optimised and can be mixed in a string with non-optimised panels. The Tigo Power optimiser clips tightly onto the frame of the module.

Energy Costs Have Never Been Higher And Solar Installation Has Never Been More Affordable

There is a growing need to take control of our energy usage and look for a renewable and sustainable alternative. Solar panels offer a clean way to reduce your bills and carbon footprint. We will walk you through the process and design a system that ticks all of the boxes.

Here at Lets Go Solar we use the best products.

All of our Solar panel (PV) systems are designed and installed with quality in mind, With our experience within the renewable industry we have the advantage of being able to source the materials, form roof mounting kits, to ensure a safe a sturdy installation. The panels that we used are all MCS approved and are sourced with warranty in mind, we like to use products with a long manufactures warranty to offer peace of mind, The Inverters and Battery storage systems that we use are the best on the market and have proven their reliability over a long period of time.

All of our installations are completed with the highest mark in electrical competency as all electrical works are carried by our NIC approved electricians and all of our roof work is carried out by fully qualified roofing experts. We do not take ANY SHORT CUTS as we understand the importance of getting it right first time.

All of our systems are compatible with Octopus Energy. Octopus offer very competitive electricity tariffs designed for solar and battery storage owners,

We Offer Flexible Roof Mounting Solutions For Every Situation

10 kW System Using A Hidden Fixing System.

A Flat Roof Installation Using Sun Tubs.

Traditional Roof Mounting System