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GivEnergy All In One (AIO)

A 13.5 kW battery that if installed alongside the GivEnergy Gateway is capable of acting as an uninterrupted power supply that would keep a property backed up in the event of a power cut. The GivEnergy AIO is also unique in the way that it is able to deliver power to the home, It can deliver up to 7kW of peak power in a short burst and up to 6kW on top of any solar generation over an hour. It can also be charged much faster than most other batteries on the market with a charge rate of 6kW per hour. 

The other key benefit of the GivEnergy AIO is that it comes with a 100% depth of discharge, which enables you to utilise the full 13.5kW capacity of the battery. 

The GivEnergy AIO can also be installed without the GivEnergy Gateway if you want all the benefits of the cutting-edge battery system without the whole home backup. A truly versatile product that can be scaled to meet the energy demands of any home. 

The GivEnergy AIO comes with an unrivalled warranty package of 12 years on both the battery and Gateway and it’s one of the most popular products in the industry at the moment. 

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“Let’s go solar supplied and installed our solar panel array and battery. I was immediately impressed by their open and honest approach, no salesmen just good honest people. They did a great job, communicated well and were a pleasure to have around during the install. I would recommended them very highly.” Nic Bowman More Reviews…